The biggest airshow in Slovakia!

The biggest airshow in Slovakia! Sliac Airport has flooded fans of brave sky riders last weekend. SIAF 2018 International aviation days are filled with real machinations this year.

The flying enthusiasts especially attracted the historic performance of the Royal Jordanian Falcons on the Extra-330 LX and the new legendary French acrobatic group Patrouille de France on Alphajet. New Time appeared in areas that may be of interest to visitors.

Seventy aircraft from 13 countries around the world. This is the offer of this year's 8th International SIAF Air Days, the theme of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Czechoslovak Republic. The introductory flight of Saturday presented the state-of-the-art technique of the Slovakian Air Force. There were no UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, C-27 Spartan and Airbus, MiG-29 or JAS 39 Gripen fighters from our Czech neighbors and Airbus Air Force Army of the Czech Republic. The MiG-29 pilots showed a dramatic simulation of the airport exploration with land targets and subsequent attacks.

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The Minister of the Armed Forces Petra Gajdoša is pleased that, compared to the previous year, more modern equipment is part of the Air Forces OS SR. As reported, MiG-29, Albatros L 39, Turbolet L 410, Mi-17 and UH-60 Black Hawk fighters have added two "black pots" and two Spartan C-27 jets. "An important milestone in our Air Force is a government-approved F-16 fighter-aircraft procurement project in the US that will protect our future or our future" Gajdoš said. As an F-16 fleet, flying lovers could test their own skin: the air simulator.

Traffic restrictions

The I / 69 route, the old road between Banská Bystrica and Zvolen is closed from the crossing of Badín – Vlkanová to Sliac. There is a diversion route via Hronsek and Veľká Lúka. Without any restriction, the speed path is R1.

What can you enjoy?

book signing

Aircraft fighters and their pilots can meet their idols when signing events that take place every hour. The first were JAS 39 Gripen pilots from the Czech Republic this year.

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Collect banknote

Visitors can buy a banknote of zero value with a representation of the pride of the Czechoslovak Air Force – the acrobatic group Biele Albatross. "We collect such zero banknotes, we have every collection in the collection, we wait about 5 minutes," reported Milanko (7) and Simona (17) of Banska Bystrica. The banknote costs 2.50 €.

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Xbox Arena

Small audiences who are tired of looking into the air can relax in the Xbox arena. I will find dozens of Xbox games consoles, as well as many surprises and prizes. "I've flown the first few days, but I'm sure I like it because I like it here, I can also play games I do not have at home," said Zuzka (9) from Banská Bystrica.

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Simulator F-16

Aviation-hunters can become military pilots for a modern F-16 hunter for a while. At least on the simulator. There is no 7 meter wide 180 degree projection, a fully functional cockpit with a HOTAS replica and real-world control. "Wow, I always wanted to try something like that." Flying to the American fighter simulator, which quickly strengthened our army, was a great experience, "Niki (17) of Zarnovice was enthusiastic.

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The C-27J Spartan Tour

Aircraft enthusiasts can take a closer look at the Alenia C-27J Spartan, which is owned by the Slovakian Air Force. It is more than 22 meters long and more than 9 meters high. The giant of the Slovakian air is represented by Peter Prokop, commander of the general wing of the General M.R. Štefánik Kuchyňa.

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Refreshment stables

After last year's complaints about insufficient number of snack stores, organizers added extra stands this year. Food and drinks can be purchased with pennies or cash in cash. "When customers buy a bottle or a cup, they can catch water at any time and how much they want," said Alexandra (left, 19) and Nikola (20).

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