The biker (16) did not know how to control the turn: crash with the truck!

In the Banskobystrický region, a biker (16) from Banská Štiavnica drove a cargo ship. The teenager was badly injured in the accident.

On the road between Sklené Teplice and Podhorie (district Žiar nad Hronom) on Monday, the driver (16) from Banská Štiavnica fit behind the wheel of the KTM motorcycle when crossing a right-handed bump not on the ride of the state and nature from the road. The teenager with the car brought the opposite of the Renault truck, which was led by a driver (29) from the Prievidza district.

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The bomber was badly injured during the collision. He was instructed to take blood for the possible detection of alcohol. The Renault driver found no alcohol – said the spokeswoman for the regional police, Mária Faltániová, from Banska Bystrica.

In the seven months of this year they registered in the Banskobystrický region 12 traffic accidents caused by motorcyclists, that is six more than last year. In these accidents, 13 people were easily injured, 10 more than last year at the same time. For two motorcyclists alcohol was found in accidents and five of these accidents took place in the village.

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