The CIS wants a comprehensive change of police

The coalitional Slovak National Party (CIS) wants to talk about changing the rules for the election of police chairs.

Rejects the proposed seven-year period. According to nationalists, it would be legitimate to be a police president elected indefinitely. At the same time, the CIS rejects the accusations that it does not want to support an amendment to the Police Churches Act because it provides conditions in other state institutions, including the SIS. This was explained by the party in her opinion, which she sent to the media.

"It is socially just and democratic that the president of the police force is elected indefinitely for a new term. If we approve today the law chosen by the president of the police force for seven years, it is not a problem for the new parliament to shorten the term of the president of the police force. found reason to end its scope, "the CIS said.

About the mechanism, the election and other problems of the Police Corps, according to nationalists, the coalition will speak to the nearest coalition council. "The police require more systemic changes than just the election of the president. solution of the police inspection"adds the SNS and presents details of its proposals to the nearest coalition council.

"The CIS is a complex change, but it does not exclude that the promotion of the election of the President of the Police Force would mean nothing," stressed the nationalists. They believe that the coalition will make a systematic change in the election of the police president "without being reprimanded by the violation of democratic rules in society."

The government had a decision last Wednesday to amend the law to change the rules for choosing a police president. In the end, however, it moved to the beginning of September. The reason is in particular the proposed seven-year period, which has criticized the professional public. Minister of the Interior Denisa Sakova (Smer-SD) will continue to discuss this, with the exception of the change of the term of office.

The proposed rules for the election of the President of the Police College are still expected to be appointed by the Minister of the Interior. However, this can only be done on the basis of a selection procedure and only on the recommendation of the parliamentary security committee. In order to appoint a police chairman, the selection committee, the Defense and Security Committee and the Minister of the Interior must therefore agree. He should be in office for seven years. The changes must also be influenced by the police inspection, which must be determined by the inspection service.

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