The coalition resolves another conflict. Their police boss whispered!

To prepare a new law on the police, the government of Petra Pellegrini has committed itself to its creation. Minister Sakova was given the opportunity to complete the change immediately after her appointment. After the change, politicians have called the coalition, the opposition, but also the professional public. In particular, the choice of the police president must be changed to de-politicize him. Today the head of the police chooses the Minister of the Interior and is also responsible for him.

After a new one, the future chief will go through a committee and a public hearing in the parliamentary committee for defense and security. MEPs give the Minister of the Interior a recommendation for a new president. The Commission will have seven members. The new police president must be elected according to the law of the Sakova workshop for seven years. And here's the problem.

The views of the coalition differ, among other things, from the length of the term of office of the police chief. According to the Plus Plus Daily, ONE DAY President of Parliament and the CIS, Andrej Danko, is far from agreeing. He fears that the coalition will not be blamed for wanting to tamper with this man's post. He must even bow to the law not to change. "We will discuss the proposal in the coalition,"responded to our daily Danko.
However, the Vice-President of the National Council, Béla Bugár, should have a major problem. The boss of Most-Hed claims that the new approved law must be and that the president must choose the new rules next year. Bugar is implementing a government program with its coalition partners, in which he is committed to change.

The weight of the scales will probably be Smer-SD. Party to change the bill, but coalitions have to be found. "There is still a lot of discussion about the proposal, experts say this is not a good thing"Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini said before the meeting. He stressed, however, that the law will be adopted by the end of the year.

"We believe that when selecting a candidate, especially police officers must speak because they understand the work of the police and know which criteria the police president must comply with,"he said about a draft proposal for the Plus One Day daily, the current police president, Milan Lučanský.

Martina Ruttkay

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