The collapse of heat on Saturday rose, the rescue workers treated 61 people

When people no longer want to stay out of the house, rescuers recommend not to forget a suitable headband and lightweight clothing.

The number of heat accidents rose slightly on Saturday (August 18) compared with Friday (17.8). Medical aid workers helped the whole of Slovakia through the high temperatures on Saturday 61 and Friday 55 people. TASR was informed by a spokesperson for the Emergency Service Operational Center (OSZZ) of the Slovak Republic Alena Krčová

The largest number of journeys took place in the Prešov region, where 11 patients had health problems, at least in the Trnava region, where they helped needed from three patients. "We call the public once again to ensure – stay indoors during the hours of the afternoon, from 11 am to 3 pm, and remember that high temperatures are a burden for every organism, but that children, the elderly and chronic patients greatest risk, "Krčová said.

When people no longer want to stay outside, care providers recommend not to forget a suitable headgear and lightweight clothing. Liquids must be added continuously throughout the day and do not wait for the feeling of thirst. It is ideal to drink clean water, mineral water, diluted fruit and vegetables. "Coffee alone, alcohol must be avoided altogether because it expands the barrels.If, in spite of prevention, health problems occur due to overheating, the patient will cool down and fought him in a low-breath water," Krčová said.

In case of a medical condition, contact the emergency number 155, where the operator will indicate how to proceed.

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