The EIF can not even be the Vice-President

The public procurement office can not properly and publicly purchase its own vice-president. Lawyer Bugal here is a suspicious idea.


But does someone still think that the state can not pay well for those who decide to work? After fifteen years of law practice, trying to get a seat in the UFO is an interesting career switch.

Without waiting a month for the extra business to pay out, there is still a cup of coffee to sniff into the world of business relationships for lucrative legal contracts. And yet!

The latest hero who wants to sacrifice his law firm for honesty is called Juraj Bugal.

The law firm Bugala-Durce just works. Or it does not really work – it seems that one and the other is trying to hide from the hard business (which knows no boundaries) in the loving care of their political friends.

Ďurček is the State Secretary for the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management. Behind the CIS, because he is "known" by Andrew Dank.

We still have not ended up with another friend of this lawyer, Ivan Kmotrik. The media producer Andreja Danka is reasonably logical in this circle.

It will not be cheaper to check

Even Bugala admits that Danka knows it from school time. Now, however, he wants to be independent. She explains her personal history, knows the number of friends who have been able to mix in politics and keeps public finances under control.

For example, last year the authority monitored government contracts worth four billion euros.

The credibility of the Office's control will be redistributed under potential Vice President Bugal. There is no wiser solution to reduce unnecessary risks. Even though Bugal would know how to turn his head and from the evening until the morning he would become the most disapproving guardian of the purchase, why would he risk it with him?

The election to the IWC Council and the proposal for its vice-chairman show the dehydrated human resources. As if everyone has already been able to compromise and engage with those who need to be controlled.

The number of fair controllers approaches zero. And research with complications is the deletion of public funds from the first moment.

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