The electric car collapsed on the car and hit the rescue helicopter

In the Púchov district of Vieska-Bezdedov, the car hit the electric column, which then fell.

One person was seriously injured during a traffic accident on Sunday (August 19) in the Púchov district in Vieska-Bezdedov. The car hit the electric pillar, which then fell on the vehicle.

According to a spokeswoman for the regional management of the fire and rescue corps in Trencin Marián Petrík, three people were injured in the accident, one of them serious. The electricity cables have fallen on the road, the road was uncomfortable.

"The fire brigade offered the first aid to the injured person and after the arrival of the health workers he assisted in transporting a seriously injured person to the ambulance and Helicopter Emergency Health Helicopter, and then the crashed vehicle secured the fire," Petrík said.

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