The electronic signature can also be provided free of charge via the internet

Bratislava, 1 October (TASR) – Electronic signatures can be purchased free of charge on the internet from Monday. The condition is that the relevant electronic identity card is activated by a personal security code (BOK), but this can only be done by the police. He informed the press department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MV) of the Slovak Republic.

A new version of the eID client application, with which candidates can request the necessary documentation for e-signatures via the Internet, has been made available by the Ministry of the Interior in collaboration with the National Agency for Network and Electronic Services (NASES).

"After logging in with a citizenship card (by typing BOK), the eID client automatically detects the status of the certificates – if their user is not or invalid, they will give him a" said the interior department.

Upgrading the software on the Citizen Identity Card must pass through the secure channel, depending on the department, with the PINs and the PUK code set for the electronic signature itself. In a few steps the system will issue to the applicant three types of certificates: a qualified e-signature certificate, a certificate for making an improved e-signature and a encryption certificate that can be used by the interested party to communicate exclusively to him. decrypt.

The ministry has announced that the electronic signature is equivalent to a handwritten signature in the traditional paper bond. At the same time, it also informed interested parties that, for whatever reason, they chose not to use the electronic signature anymore, it could be canceled online using the old electronic service. Refresh can be offered free of charge with a new service.

Until now, the new service only works for the Windows operating system and the versions for other operating systems should soon be introduced by the ministry. The current version of the eID of the client, along with the other drivers for the electronic ID card, is also available at, including the user manual.

"Last year, the Slovak Republic abolished 300,000 electronic signatures because of their potential abuse, which was revealed by the ethical heckers of Masaryk University in Brno, and since 31 October we have issued safer types of certificates, which currently employ 130,000 holders. for electronic signatures delivered by the state can be found at, " the press department of the ministry added.

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