The employment of aliens must be accelerated, Pellegrini said

The Prime Minister wants Slovakia to take measures to make it easier for foreigners to work.

Due to the lack of labor, Slovakia needs to take various measures in the field of controlled labor input. Some processes in the employment of foreign nationals must be curtailed.

In the next two weeks, all government agencies responsible for the authorization process for the employment of foreign nationals must submit a package of additional measures to simplify the process. It was announced by Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini (Smer-SD) at the end of negotiations on labor shortages.

"Our factories often have to respond quickly to the question that has arisen, and therefore today's negotiations have given specific tasks to individual ministers, and in the next two weeks all government agencies dealing with the admission of foreign workers, including foreign the police, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labor, a package of additional measures that do not always have a legislative character and simplify the processes. "In Slovakia, the situation is now very serious," said the Prime Minister.

Conditions do not go wrong

According to Pellegrini, there were 60,136 foreign citizens in Slovakia at the end of July, of which 31,857 were EU citizens. "Despite the measures adopted on 1 May 2018, employers are still struggling with many legal obstacles," he said. According to him, Slovakia is no longer competitive in accepting foreign workers compared to our neighboring countries.

"However, we will not take any measures that would aggravate the circumstances of Slovak workers, which means that we do not tolerate social attenuation, we do not tolerate companies benefiting foreign labor at the expense of Slovak workers, and can only do so under the conditions offer them to domestic workers and only if they are really scarce and are mentioned We have agreed that we will update the list of defective professions not only once a year, but perhaps every quarter, and I am convinced that these short-term measures that we The coming weeks will introduce a substantial and positive contribution to our sector and our employers, "said Pellegrini.

According to the prime minister, working with the long-term unemployed also works, which is insufficient for the labor market in Slovakia.

"Of course we also opened the question of what we are going to do with our Roma, which is a big part and where we see the potential for them to keep working, in which case we will have to choose a different route. for companies that also hire our Roma fellow citizens, "he said.

Lack of staff

The government, according to Maria Lelovsky, the first vice-president of the Employers' Association of the Republic (RÚZ), today began to tackle the most serious problem that employers in the Slovak Republic have, namely the lack of qualified labor, not only their importation. .

"We have started to clearly and clearly indicate the opportunities to acquire the workforce by retraining our national resources, and we welcome this initiative unambiguously, but at the same time we have listened to the willingness or lack of willingness of different sectors to change this. area that will be needed ", added Lelovsky.

Employers' associations have, according to Lelovsky, submitted a series of legislative and non-legislative measures to the government, fast, slow and long-term, to solve the problem with employees.

"We will provide collaboration and experience for all sectors, we expect and we will see that all departments represented meet our proposals and requirements," added RÚZ's Vice President.

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