The exact calculation is already known: the elections in November are so many

The timetable follows the decision of the President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, Andrey Danko, who on Saturday 10 November declared elections for the municipal self-governing bodies. In particular, the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic has an amount of EUR 1 465 708 for the preparation and implementation of the general election, and the Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic has an amount of EUR 8 890 458, as a result of the presentation report on the material on the agenda of the government on 22 August.

The timetable itself determines, as with other types of elections, in the context of election preparation, specific tasks with terms for their fulfillment for the central government, district and local authorities. For example, it is necessary to ensure the printing and distribution of electoral forms, electronic communication links between electoral bodies of all ranks and the possibility for voters to exercise their voting rights, including foreign nationals permanently resident in the Slovak Republic.

The tasks include the establishment of individual electoral commissions, the training of those involved in the preparation of elections, and the smooth running of the elections, as well as ensuring the processing of election results and the many other tasks that must be carried out in order to prepare and undisturbed free elections.

The aforementioned EUR 7,465,708, granted by the Ministry of the Interior to municipal elections, must be used "in particular to ensure the payment of wage compensation to members of electoral commissions and rewards to members and registrars of local electoral commissions and district election commissions, payment of ballots, methodical and information materials, and electoral pressure, to ensure the activity of electoral commissions and to equip the polling stations ".

Of the nearly 7 and a half million euros, the expenses necessary to guarantee the protection of public order on the day of the elections, the operation and the necessary adjustment of the polling stations and the electronic communication connection of the electoral commissions (the so-called "Indictment") in the form of an unpaid payment of EUR 5 for each local electoral commission and each district electoral commission, informs the Ministry of the Interior in this report. The Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic has earmarked EUR 1,424,750 for the processing of election results.

The President of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, Andrei Danko, has announced elections for municipal self-governing bodies on 6 July. The election day was scheduled on Saturday 10 November. In the statement he set a deadline for the election of electors for the election of deputies and the number of deputies in the municipal councils until 17 August. At the same time, he specified that election districts and voter turnout should be established by 11 September. In addition, local electoral commissions must be set up by 11 September at the latest to meet on 18 September for the first time. District Electoral Commissions and District Electoral Commissions should be instituted by October 11, 2018 and meet for the first time on October 24th.

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