The Five Star Residence: it will decide the fate of Bašternák

According to the results of the police investigation by the company BL-202 in 2012, he bought seven apartments in the Five Star Residence of Bratislava for 12 million euros. However, the actual amount would be lower.

According to the researcher, the entrepreneur as manager of the BL-202 in April 2012 unreasonably claimed a VAT deduction of almost two million euros. After the indictment the entrepreneur applied the so-called effective regret institute and the tax authorities paid the amount in question, despite the fact that he had received the complaint.

In connection with entrepreneur Bašternák, the opposition wanted the opposition in 2016 to mistrust twice the then Minister of Internal Affairs Robert Kaliňák. He admitted that in October 2013 he had bought a 16% stake in Ba & # 39; ternák from B.A. Haus. To buy a share in the company Kaliňák, it received a loan from Tatra Banka for an amount of 500 thousand euros. For a 16% share of B.A. Haus paid 430 thousand euros.

Company B.A. The house has two apartments in the building where Kaliňák lives, and through the purchase the minister could, in his own words, gain control over the neighboring houses. According to the opposition, trade took place at a time when Bashternaka was investigating the financial report. According to the chairman of the Overseas and Independent Personality Movement, Igor Matovič, the repayment of shares in the company at a low price can be considered as a kickback to stop the investigation.

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