The General Health Insurance Company signed 2000 contracts with outpatients

The Association of Outpatient Providers (ZAP) reported Monday. VSZP thinks it is premature.

Approximately 2,000 extramural doctors did not agree with the General Health Insurance Company (VSZP) on conditions for further collaboration.

Government insurers have therefore terminated contracts. Unless they agree, as of 1 December, these doctors will not offer their health insurance to their patients.

The Association of Outpatient Providers (ZAP) reported Monday. VSZP thinks it is premature.

ZAP argues that according to the Health Insurance Act "the provider has the right to terminate the contract if he has the possibility to contract a higher amount with another health insurer".

ZAP thinks that "the VSZG has sufficient resources to allow fees to rise in a fair, even and level manner, at least at the level of private insurers for all segments of outpatient care."

Negotiations are not over yet

Negotiations with two private health insurance companies have already taken place. In these cases, the increase in transfers of funds from 9% to 12% of the current VSZP proposal for health insurance and the Union Health Insurance Fund ranges from nine to fifteen percent, according to ZAP.

"The VSZP regards the premature termination of the contracts of the ZAP members at the time of the upcoming presidential campaign as totally unfair and compelling: all, except ZAP, or 80 percent of the extramural providers, have accepted new contracts with VSZP," Viktória Vasilenková, State Secretary, told TASR.

Negotiations about new contracts with ZAP members have not yet been finalized.

Increase of the capital decreases

"The VSZP once again offered a GP attached to the ZAP an increase of the limit of 16 cents per month for a captive insurer, an increase of the annual care for a patient with hypertension of 12 to 40 euros, the distribution of reports on the diagnosis of fat metabolism disorders, "she said. At a standard outpatient clinic with 1,200 capital insurers, according to Vasilenkova, an increase of about 500 euros per month.

ZAP, according to the state insurer, justifies its refusal to accept that GPs do not prefer extensive competencies by means of performances, but to increase their payments.

"This attitude of the VSZP was surprising because clinicians in Zdravite, the Association of General Practitioners in Slovakia (AVLS) and the non-organized people accepted this offer and even after mutual negotiations asked for further expansion of the competences in the interests of their patients," said Vasilenková.

However, both parties have indicated that this will not jeopardize the provision of health care in specialized outpatient clinics or outpatient clinics, according to the ZAP "at least until November".

The future relationship should be resolved by the end of this year.

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