The government has approved a proposal that allows the domestic production of fruit spirits

The government has approved a proposal from the Mosta-Híd workshop, which allows the domestic production of fruit spirit.

People could produce their own fruit spirits for their own use, but they should adhere to the precise conditions of the law. He counts on the amendment of the law on the production and marketing of alcohol of the coalition of coalition members Most-Hid Petr Antal, Tibor Bastrnak, Bele Bugar, Elemer Jakab and Petr Kresak, which was approved by the government on Wednesday.

Despite the fact that there is a long tradition in the private production of spirits made from own fruit produced in Slovakia, such as in the neighboring countries, this activity is prohibited.

"The current solution can not be considered sufficient, because despite the clear ban and the threat of persecution, private distillation by private individuals is not negligible", according to the plaintiffs.

Maximum amount per person

Their proposal therefore defines both the private production of distillate and the private distillery producer and defines the conditions under which a private distillery producer can carry out private distillation. In addition to the minimum age of 18 years, the ownership of distillation equipment which complies with the conditions laid down and the prohibition on the use of distillate produced for other than private consumption is determined by the maximum volume of alcohol produced by the private distillery producer per calendar year. can produce.

According to the amendment, private distillation could only be carried out in the maximum permitted volume of 25 liters per person per calendar year. The production could only be carried out in a maximum of 100 liters of distillation equipment. When several members of the common household meet the definition of a private distillery producer, a maximum of 25 liters of distillate per year is applied to the entire household.

The private producer must meet the 18-year age requirement, he can only use the fruit he has produced and his own distillation equipment that complies with the legal requirements. The alcohol produced may not be placed on the market or put on the market in any way. The manufacturer must inform the ministry if he is legally convicted of a violation of unauthorized alcohol production or that he has been legally found guilty of one of the specified crimes.

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