The government of Pellegrini discusses changes in the choice of constitutional judges, but an amendment to the Police Choir has been omitted

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BRATISLAVA, August 22 ( – Premier Petar Pellegrini (Smer-SD) is waiting for a summer vacation after a long program. They will discuss more than 60 points and the most important is the change in the choice of constitutional judges.

However, the government's proposals are criticized by the political opposition or the president of the Slovak Republic of Andrei Kiska. Moreover, constitutional judges and changes in their choice will require a coalition government and support for the opposition, as it is a constitutional law requiring the approval of 90 votes of deputies from the SR National Council. According to the head of the Justice Department, Gábor Gála (Most-Híd), who presents the law, small changes are also a step forward.

Serious professional discussion

The amendment of the law on the Chancellery of Police, which aims to change the election method of the president of the police or the police inspector, will not be dealt with on Wednesday. Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini proposed Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini during his meeting with the cabinet, and there are still many debates around the reported changes and critical voices are being heard by experts.

"Indeed, there is a serious discussion with an expert about choosing the form of this seven-year period and how to repair that police president or make it flexible in some way so that the new minister can surround himself with the people he trusts " said the prime minister.

According to him, the appointment is that from 1 January 2019 the police chief must be selected in a new way. That is what the coalition should do, because the Parliament is waiting for another three meetings by the end of the year. "We want to have time for discussion," the prime minister added, is of the opinion that the public does not feel the current version as the happiest.

Election of the president of the police

According to the amendment by the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic, after a new police president, he should be appointed Minister of Home Affairs on the basis of a selection procedure and after a public hearing in the Parliamentary Committee for Defense and Security, if the committee recommend his appointment.

In the case of an intention to dismiss a police chief, the Minister of the Interior must justify his proposal and then withdraw his defense committee by at least three-fifths of the votes of all the members of the committee. If the amendment of the law is approved, the change is also influenced by the head of the police inspection.

The director's term of office is seven years and the same person can only be appointed once. Both the new police president and the chief inspector are in the absence of a security investigation "Strictly Secret" required to do so within 30 days of appointment.

On the amendment, the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic started working after the government crisis in March of this year, preceded by the murder of the investigative journalist Ján Kuciak and his fiancé. The required departure of Tibor Gašpar from the post of head of the police was preceded by a double exchange at the post of the minister.

Major amendments to the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic

The constitutional law to change the choice of constitutional judges of the Ministry of Justice in case of approval will introduce several changes. Candidates must, for example, comply with the age limit of 45 years, have passed a judicial examination or have a foreign language, applicants must generally be recognized in the field of legal practice.

The most important change is the increase in the number of parliamentary votes required for the election of a particular candidate. In the case of law enforcement, candidates would need at least 76 votes, with an overwhelming majority of at least 40 members present, at least 39. The lawyer's own actions were also presented by 38 lawyers who were not included in the final government proposal.

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The former prime minister, Robert Fico (Smer-SD), also looked for the position of a constitutional judge. President Andrew Kiska Gálov described the proposal as a missed opportunity, for example, experts criticize an unnecessary increase in the age limit.

Slovakia is awaiting a major change in the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic at the end of the calendar year. Nine of the total number of 13 judges have been replaced, including the chairman. The National Council of the SR will select 18 candidates, of which the president then appoints nine.

Envirorezort and civil rights

Roberta Kaliňák (Smer-SD) was replaced by Tomáš Drucker (nominee Smer-SD), replaced by the current Minister of the Interior Denisa Sakova (Smer-SD). The representative of the Gašpar police village is currently working as a sake consultant.

The current commissioner, Milan Lučanský, who was temporarily appointed, should remain in office until the aforementioned legislative amendment has been introduced.

The government of the SR will also handle the enviro resort laws during the Wednesday session. The Cabinet is discussing a draft new Waste Rights Act, a draft amendment to the Waste Act and an amendment to the CITES Act on international trade in endangered species of wild fauna and flora. Civil rights, culture or proposals from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs will also be on the table.

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