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The breeding of bees is nowadays increasingly being moved from valleys, mountains or Slovak villages to cities. Even they can be a natural environment for them, especially if they have sufficient green areas and create suitable conditions.

One of the shareholders of hotel Rastislav Pavlišin started writing his story as a hobby bee in Bratislava Koliba. From there he moved them to the city on the roof. "I am convinced that we can make bees as natural as possible for our lives," he says.

Bees have a new houseSource: NH Bratislava Gate One

Bees have a radius of about five kilometers from the hotel, where they have to find sufficient green areas for pollen and honey production. The widening of the areas in the city with the potential of copper and pollen is also a long-term goal of this project.

She recently found her house on the roof of the hotel with eight bee families. The goal of the breeder is to expand the breed to a total of 20 families, while other hotel networks, companies and institutions that are active in the city are inspired to participate in this initiative and the advice of the beekeepers in the city. expand roofs.

Closed on the roof of the hotelSource: NH Bratislava Gate One

"We will bring our specialists to our horses to communicate in our hotel rooms, in the lobby and in the dining room to eat specific honey meals," says Jiří Kotulán, director of the NH Bratislava Gate One Hotel.

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