The injured children were transferred to hospitals in a serious condition!

The accident was probably due to the fact that the driver VW Sharane went into the right lane, where he encountered the right side of the car. As a result of this collision he was thrown into the central concrete deck and remained on the left lane. The team created a sudden hurdle for other incoming cars, there was a massive crash from other cars.

"An accident was probably caused by a driver who blew more than one millet," said the police. According to current information, the driver is a Romanian citizen who lives in Bratislava. Under the influence of alcohol the police arrested the police, the investigator started with criminal prosecution for bodily injury and the threat of drug addiction.

The police intervened in a road accident that took place yesterday on the D1 motorway

The police intervened in a road accident that took place yesterday on the D1 motorway

Photo: Police of the SR

"There were 7 injured in the area who were injured by 3 children who were transferred to hospitals in Piešťany, Trnava and the patient who was in a very serious condition and the sleep was transferred to the hospital in Bratislava has slight to moderate injuries. incurred, especially in the chest, the shaft and the head, " she spoke to Krčová, a spokeswoman for the DAILY EXPERIENCE.

"We have a child admitted to the hospital in connection with a traffic accident, but we are sorry but we can not provide any further information about his medical condition without the permission of his legal guardian," said Dana Kamenická, spokesman for the Children & # 39; s Faculty Hospital and the Polyclinic in Bratislava.

"Two wounded fathers with a son who had been treated and admitted to the hospital in Trnava, but did not want to give more information to the media"said the spokeswoman for the hospital in Trnava, Tittel. 4 ZZS crews, 2 medical emergency officers and 2 crew members with a physician present on site.

The police are looking for witnesses to the accident that saw her register with the police on line 158 and helped her to determine her circumstances.

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