The king of the dragons is the Slovak

The king can only be one, and in the case of the prestigious Pilsner Urquell Master Bartender this is twice as good. The winners of the 11th year of the Czech-Slovak Beer Championship in Pilsen literally determined the details.

The city of the birth of the Pilsner Urquell enthusiast, who influenced 70% of beer production in the world, has once again witnessed the struggle for great talent. They showed that the work of the flute was not just a job for them but a mission. The old brewing truth is that the brewer brews the beer, but the innkeeper does it. Thanks to them, customers get the same quality of beer as they leave the gates of the brewery. The best jury, according to the jury, drew from the eleventh year of the prestigious competition Štefan Pillár from Kolkovna in Eurovilla.

The master barman waited for a number of assignments, while art itself reached a perfect "level" with creamy cream-colored cream as a cream for victory, and was by no means enough: "Our goal is for lovers of gold to enjoy the strongest beer experience that will undoubtedly survive thanks to a well-stocked lager from our champion masters, "said the brewery of the brewery Plzenský Prazdroj Václav Berka.

He won the second place of the Slovaks Štefan Drozd from the Košická restaurant of Camelot and the impressive bronze Branislav Majzún from the Pilsen restaurant in Malacca.

The final finals were preceded by two Slovak regional rounds, of which 8 were participants. The absolute winner has won a rare trophy, but especially the privilege of accompanying the older business brewery Václav Berka to the European activities of the Pilsner Urquell tank beer. The customers of Kolkovny in Bratislava will also feel their victory without any doubt, who will receive a guaranteed original in the highest quality of the new king of Draperies.

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