The Kotlebians did not listen to the ban of the mayor. There were hundreds of people gathered in the square

The LSNS party and the apparent initiator of the meeting "For Safe Snina", Milan Mazurek has not deterred the ban on mayor Snina. Štěpán Milovčík made their thoughts and forbade them to gather on the town square. Despite the clear ban, hundreds of people met on Friday, August 17, Mazurek welcomed. "I welcome you to our forbidden meeting and I hereby inform you that we sue Lord Milovcik for his conduct" a member of the NR SR and a member of the Kotleb party. The action was announced a few days after the women's struggle, which had to take revenge on the barking of the dog.

Submitter of the meeting met the reporting obligation and according to the expert, the city had many possibilities for the reaction. "With the announcement and response of other options, they are not – simply accept or disagree," said said self-manager Michal Kaliňák.

Immediately from the beginning of the meeting, the city police had to intervene. The square where the action took place is called a pedestrian zone. With an eye on the police, the unknown driver drove into the square by car. [19659903] "We will treat the case in a block trial or move to a traffic inspection", the chief of the municipal police Snina Ján Maškulík


Already before the Sketchboard were cars that not only had the ŠPZ of the city and the nearest districts, but also remote locations. According to our information, the assembly finally referred to the "signature action" of Marian Kotleb's candidacy for the position of president. It is not confirmed whether this was really a drawing action, or they only wanted to deal with the so-called forbidden meeting. "We have estimated that there is a risk of a storm in the city of Snina, in violation of the law, a generally binding regulation of the city of Snina, and the city will draw its conclusions", Ján Paľovčík, lawyer.

Announcement of the meeting

More specifically, the MPLS party, Milan Mazurek, announced on 11 August that they plan to hold a meeting in Snina. And with the cooperation of Marián Kotleb. The goal is to prevent such cases as he did in Snine a few days ago. The woman was attacked by the husband of a 13-year-old boy, whose dog was buried " If we are not against this system today and do not let the legislators see that the laws should also apply to them, the attacks will go on alone and the next victim of the pseudonym can be a mother or a daughter one of us ", writes Mazurek on his Facebook profile.

Reasons for banning the meeting

Mayor of Snina Štefan Milovčík decided that the party would not allow this meeting.

On the basis of their activities, the LSNS regarded the extremist party referring to the appeal of the Attorney General Jaromír Čižnár at the Supreme Court. In addition, because of the person Mazurek who is currently being prosecuted for suspicion of a crime of sedition, slander and threat to persons belonging to a particular race.

"The third fact is the definition of the purpose of the meeting, Snina, based on the information provided by OO PZ Snina is not aware of the fact that in the city and the district of Snina, " introduced the city in an official decision.

The city of Snina therefore regards the meeting as unfair and focused on the Roma. Given that the city has stated in the decision, it finds it risky.

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