The main employer in Spain has become tourism, the number of employees is increasing

According to a study by the Spanish Tourism Institute in the spring of this year, the industry employed 2.65 million people.

MADRID, August 22 ( – Tourism became the main employer in Spain. According to a survey by the Spanish Tourism Institute Turespaña in the spring of this year, of the inhabitants of the country. This represents 13.7 per cent of the working population of Spain, so tourism has undergone the construction and became the main employer. El País told El Paso on his website.

The number of employees in the Spanish tourism sector has increased by nearly 20 percent over the past four years. In the second quarter of 2014, there was more than 2.2 mil. Spaniards, but four years later it was already 2.6 million. The newspaper adds that the number of people in the country working in tourism has risen by 6.7 percent last year for an indefinite period of time. The number of contract workers for the short term increased by only 2.7 percent.

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