The mallow steam gas is already in the hands of the ZSE

Western energy companies have not yet made clear when they can renew the operation of a steam power plant.

WestSlovak Energy (ZSE), which has a 51% stake, bought the Malzenice power plant from the German company E.ON. "On the basis of the agreement and the consultation of our two shareholders, we purchased a 100 per cent stake in our trading company operating the Malženice steam plant in our portfolio, preceded by an investor analysis on a technical, legal and financial level. based on the strategic importance of a power plant with a combined cycle for the entire Slovak electricity grid, "said ZSE spokeswoman Michaela Dobosova on the portal of

Start date unknown

The state counts on malignant steam in all its energy strategies. As part of the analysis of the power plant, it was tested in May and June of this year. According to Dobosova, she has proved that the production source is fully prepared for full operation. However, when they started using the power station near Trnava, they did not call it that. "The tests were conducted under the supervision of reputable European companies, which showed that the production source is fully prepared for full operation, but it is premature to respond to the exact start date," Dobošová added.

Western energy companies are currently looking at the development of commodity prices in the markets. They do not know how to operate the steam plant in Malženice. "There are several options on the table that we discuss with different energy players, since Malzhenice is a good supplier for support services or portfolio balance.The Malženice power plant can also be used to ensure the stability of the supply and the entire network, for example in connection with the expansion of renewable sources and unpredictable situations in the electricity system or electricity production, "Dobošová added.

The market was against

E.ON interrupted the operation of the Malzhenice steam power plant in the autumn of 2013. It was not profitable. "The current more favorable situation on the raw materials market makes it possible to consider recommissioning it," Dobošová said.

The gas-fired power station of Malženice was put into operation in 2010. It has an installed capacity of 436 megawatts. The initial investment amounted to EUR 430 million. For unfavorable market price conditions, the power plant was maintained in October 2013. The technology was operational for approximately 11,000 hours.

The gas-fired power plant is one of the very flexible, fast start-up sources that is very suitable for operational balancing and control of the transmission system. "Because of the installed power, this source has a unique position and importance within the SR energy system, as well as a back-up for a nuclear power plant block," concluded Dobosová.

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