The man did not survive a jump from the hospital in Bratislava

The body of the man found near the hospital on the street Antolská in Bratislava Petržalka.

This morning, under the windows of one of the hospitals in Bratislava, they found the body of a man without signs of life. informed the regional police spokesman Michal Szeiff.

He said that the police patrol had been sent to a post shortly after 6.00 am. The man's body was located near the hospital in the Antolská street in Bratislava.

"The patrol has checked and validated the plausibility of this announcement, and it turned out to be a 56-year-old man on the scene," says Szeiff.

He suffered despite the efforts of the rescuers

According to him, the deceased suffered a fall from one of the floors. Despite the efforts of the recruited health service, he failed to save him.

"Further conditions are currently under investigation," said a spokesman for the police in Bratislava.

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