The man in the center of Kosice was thrown in the throat, the policeman on Lunik IX fired a warning

The perpetrator attacked the victim with a knife and caused a stab wound on his neck.

The battle and physical attack on the 31-year-old Kosice after an earlier match took place on Wednesday (August 22) in the afternoon near the center of Košíc.

"The perpetrator was planning to inflict serious injuries to the injured person on the man with a knife in the neck, and also cause cuts to his ear and hands." Wounded injuries required medical treatment, "said the regional police spokeswoman. Kosice, Jana Mesarova, Thursday.

As soon as an event was reported, the police announced an investigation into suspects who were allegedly in the Lunik IX basket. The officers of the police force saw two people who were reasonably suspected of committing a crime, but they did not respond to their calls.

They asked for reinforcements

"Approximately 200 people were assembled on site during the service, so the police patrol asked for further reinforcements: one of the suspects was detained by the police using coercive measures," said Mésarová. The intercepting policeman used the threat according to the law in his words and then shot once in the air without jeopardizing the lives and health of those present.

The other suspect did not respond to the challenges, nor to the warning in the air and ran through the crowds into the forest. "There was no damage to property or injuries during the service, the investigator of the Police Corps in the matter dealt with the necessary procedural steps to bring charges against suspects, and after the second suspect the police searched", said the spokesperson.

In connection with the incident, the police are being prosecuted for crimes of injuries to health and hooliganism.

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