The most popular are Radio Expres, Radio Slovakia and Fun Radio

The most popular radio stations in Slovak Radio were Radio Expres, Radio Slovakia and Fun Radio in the first half of 2018.

This is due to the results of the National Market, Media and Lifestyle Survey – TGI for the first and second quarter of 2018 by Median SK.

In the first and second quarter of this year, 19% of the population listened daily to Radio Expres. Public Radio of Slovakia reached the listening comprehension of 17 percent in the parameter "listening yesterday", while the third Fun-radio had an audience of 11 percent.

The other tracks will be followed by Radio Europa 2 and Radio Fine (7 percent listening), Radio Wave and Radio Regina (6 percent listening), Radio Antenna Rock and Radio Lumen (3 percent listening) and the 10 most popular radio station, Radio FM with listening 2 percent.

The total daily listening of Slovakian radio stations reached 63 percent in the first half. At least once a week, one of the radio stations listens to 89 percent of the population.

The most populated radio network was the Slovakian radio with its six circuits, which listened to 24 percent of the population every day. Radio Services has reached 21 percent and Regiomedia 4 percent.

The latest MML – TGI study was carried out by the Agency from 8 January to 24 June, on a sample of 4244 citizens from the Slovak Republic aged between 14 and 79 years. The survey, which has been ongoing since 1997, focused on consumer behavior, media and lifestyle.

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