For a large part of today's territory, warnings are subject to heavy rainfall. SHMÚ warned the whole Sunday especially for Central Slovakia.

Source – SHMU

Weather forecast: It is cooled to 16 to 22 degrees, Horehroni and Spiš even to 11 to 16. It is expected to have a cool weather, unique, especially in Central Slovakia, and heavy rainfall. (SHMÚ)

I am angry that children have all the holidays, says actor and musician Dano Heriban. "Children should learn to suffer a little bit of trouble because they will have to solve the problems that will arise in later life, nothing is free in life and in seconds."

Photo N – Tomáš Benedikovič

Between the victims and the injured in a bus accident in Bulgaria, the Slovaks, to inform the Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He referred to the declaration of the consulate of the Slovak embassy in Sofia, who communicated with the Bulgarian Ministry of the Interior. A Saturday accident with a tourist bus caused at least 15 deaths. (TASR)

The Argentinian policeman became the star of the internet after giving a malnourished child that her mother had not cared for. 7 good news that you might not notice this week.

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