The murder of a police president is nonsense: Grendel asks for change, the interior wants to stop

According to the shadow minister of the OĽaNO movement, Gábor Grendel, this proposal brings two major changes to the election of the president of the police. "I agree with one thing, but the other one is completely finished, which is acceptable to me, the so-called" a two-phase appointment of a police chief who also works in other European countries. " Topky Grendel said. The two-step model works in a number of states in a number of forms that identify Grendel.

Zabezonování policajního prezidenta you nonsense

"It has been in Slovakia so far that he chooses and appoints the Minister of the Interior, and he will also dismiss him The new proposal foresees that the Minister of the Interior will propose a police president and the government appoints him. government is a collective body, there are several political parties represented, so it is not the decision of just one minister, " he said that although it is his political responsibility, he is the one he chooses, but the government, as a collective body, decides whether or not he will be appointed police president.

Gábor Grendel

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"What I can not identify with is an attempt to veto a government president elected by the government." According to the new law, the police president will be almost irrevocably appointed for seven years. January 2019 and a year of parliamentary elections will start, when a new government, a new minister of internal affairs with political responsibility for the police and the police president who has been elected by the previous government, is nonsense. " said the deputy.

Kaliňák would not agree with that

Grendel can not imagine that Kaliňák would have recognized such a decision if such a law was approved during the government of Iveta Radičová. "After the government of Radičova, the government of Smeru would come, the Minister of Interior would be Mr. Kaliňák.I can not imagine that Kaliňák has identified himself and agrees that Mr. Spišiak remains the president of the police because he has a term of office of seven years, which is unacceptable to me, and every Minister of the Interior and Government should have the right to appoint a police chief, " said the shadow minister of the interior.

Zoning of the police president is

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"In particular, combined with the fact that three-fifths of the Defense and Security Committee, a coalition and opposition agreement, will be needed to remind us, we know it's absolutely unrealistic under current political circumstances. will be irrevocable, he will be timed for seven years, " he says that this does not work anywhere in Europe.

Therefore, Grendel proposes that it be the two-phase model of appointment of the police president, but without a time limit. "Keep the two-step model that they propose, but do not let there be a time limit because it is not there." No one has told Kaliňák or Ms. Saka to appoint a minister elected by another government, but do not let the next minister either. tell the police chief to work, " he added.

Sakova is ready to discuss

The Ministry of Interior will also discuss the duration of the term of office of the future police president. They have to choose this under the new rules, but they have not yet approved the government. Talk about them at the beginning of September, the proposal has been withdrawn from the Wednesday session. The reason for the postponement is precisely the question of the duration of the term of office. The ministry proposes seven years to shorten it, the head of the Denisa Sakova (Smer-SD) after the talks with the government had clearly not done so. The interior resort is ready to take a step back.

Zoning of the police president is

Source: Topky / Ján Zemiar

"Because of public criticism and comments, we are prepared to postpone the date of this bill, and we want to work towards finding a consensus, especially in response to the term of office of the police chief. we approve the law on government approval, as it is still valid that we want it to come into effect on 1 January 2019, " said the spokesperson for the Ministry of the Interior, Petar Lazarov.

The problem is the length of the election period

"The length of the term of the new police president is problematic," confirmed Sakova, who agreed to withdraw the amendment to the Police Churches Act because there are unclear questions. The proposed seven-year period is "the most resolute question". Let me discuss it. He remembers that this length was also suggested by Tomáš Drucker, who served as Minister only for about a month.

Sakova rejects the claim that the ministry would not have made concessions according to the law. She had dropped her words by the fact that the police president could only be the one who had served with the police for at least fifteen years. "We have shortened it to 10 years," Sakova added.

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