The Nuclear Regulatory Office is responsible for the safety of nuclear installations

The nuclear regulatory authority (ÚJD) of the Slovak Republic, which is also present in the construction of the units of the Mochovce nuclear power plant (EMO34), which at the same time belong to the objects of critical infrastructure.

The Independent Nuclear Regulatory Office (ÚJD) SR is also responsible for the safety of nuclear facilities in the SR, which is also directly present in the construction of the Mochovce Nuclear Power Plant (EMO34) blocks, which at the same time are among the critical infrastructure objects. This was explained for TASR by the spokesperson of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic Maroš Stano in response to the Tuesday speech of the non-parliamentary party Progresivní Slovensko (PS).

"The Ministry of Economy of the SR has no reason to question the Office's work as the highest authority in this area and shows that Slovakia plays a pioneering role in nuclear safety," Stano emphasized.

Martin Hojsík, chairman of the Progressive Slovakia Party, pointed out at the briefing that the actual status of the completed building at EMO34 is very different from the original project. In this building, where, according to the words of the president of ÚJD SR Marty Žiaková, the coordination of the supplier was problematic, the concern is that the discrepancy between the documentation and the reality is rather of the order of magnitude than the well-managed structures .

They called the Minister of Economy

Welders without the necessary certificates or false certificates, as revealed by ÚJD SR, is clearly a scandal. A secondary system that is supplied without control, as authorized by the chairman of ÚJD SR, is alarming, according to Hojsík.

"Progressive Slovakia therefore calls upon the Minister of Economy Petra Žigu (Smer-SD) and Prime Minister Petr Pellegrini (Smer-SD) to carry out further audits to ensure the safety of Slovakia and its citizens before the launch of EMO34 and the UJD required the implementation of their traffic recommendations, "said Hojsík. In particular, it is an audit by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) OSART. Progress Slovakia requires the audit report to be public, which is possible according to the IAEA rules. It is up to the Minister of Economy to request this audit as representative of the shareholder of Slovenské elektrárne (SE).

"At the same time, we invite UJD SR and its president, Ms Žiakova, to ask for assistance with the audits before WENRA, the association of Western European nuclear regulators, in particular the French regulator ASN, is introduced, which has shown extensive competence in solving problems with the quality of suppliers ", added Hojsík.

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