The number of victims of the fall of the bridge in Janova rose to 43, a Romanian trucker died in the hospital

JANOV, August 18 ( – The number of casualties after the collapse of the highway bridge, which took place in Janova, Italy on Tuesday, increased from 43 to 43 after a 36-year-old Romanian trucker injured in the hospital incurred. He was informed by the Italian news agency ANSA about his death.

The rescuers have previously reported that four bodies have been found in the ruins of the tragedy. It was a family with three members with a small child who had found a big concrete slave in their car and a 30-year-old man who found them elsewhere.

Exceptional state last year

According to the Italian media, this number of victims must be definitive. The last person who was still registered as missing, the older Italian, announced on Saturday that he was still alive and said he was still alive.

There are still a few people admitted to the hospital, but their injuries are easier than a Romanian trucker, who did them on Saturday. In connection with the collapse of the bridge in the morning, which is part of the A10 motorway, the Italian government has declared a state of emergency for the area of ​​Jan, which will last for a year.

The government is looking for a new company

Moreover, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte said, after the extraordinary meeting of the Italian government in Genoa on Wednesday, that the government could not wait until the results of the investigation show who this accident used to be. That is why he is now working on revoking the license of a motorway company that currently manages most Italian motorways and is looking for a new company

. At the same time, according to Prime Minister Conte, new and much stricter road safety regulations for the transport infrastructure of the country must be drawn up. "We can not wait for justice, citizens have to drive safely," said the prime minister .

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