The police accused a man who had transported 12 illegal migrants

The investigator accused Tomáš D. of the Sobrance district.

The police reported today on the case of the retreat in eastern Slovakia. She discovered that Tomáš D. brought 12 illegal migrants without identity papers through the Slovak Republic to Horna. "They were four Indian nationals and eight Vietnamese," the police said.

A researcher from the National Bureau of the Border and the Aliens Police accused Tomáš D. of the Sobrance district on Tuesday, August 18. "The transfer of illegal migrants is promised a financial promise," the police say.

There is a bang for up to 8 years

Migrants on our territory would illegally cross the border in the District of Border Police Department of Podhorod. & # 39; The policeman tried to hide in a slender street in Horni near a family home. However, the guards of Sobraniec's mobile RHCP unit were not kidnapped and detained together with illegal migrants, "the police said.

"The accused has been sentenced to three to eight years in prison," the men said in a law that illegal migrants were sent back under a readmission agreement to Ukraine.

Murder of John Kuciak

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