The police captured the Ukrainian, who passed the stolen luxury Mercedes from Prague

The police patrol in Ruzomberok succeeded in stopping the driver of a luxury Mercedes-Benz Mercedes, after which they searched. The man planned to drive the car to the east of the country, but the Slovak police made his plans in the city of Ružomberok Hrboltová.

"On Thursday, August 23, the police patrolled the I / 18 road in the city of Ruzomberok – the Hrbolt pilot of the Mercedes-Benz blue color with a Czech license plate, stopped and checked in the afternoon, police officers found that the search for a had been ordered and should have been stolen in the Czech Republic, " said police spokeswoman Jana Balogová.

The arrested man had to take the vehicle to Michaloviec for a fee. The accused threatens to serve two or five years' imprisonment in the event of his conviction.

"According to the information, the 38-year-old driver, a Ukrainian citizen who temporarily lived in the Czech Republic, had to hand over the vehicle to Michaloviec against payment.The man arrested the police and the investigator accused him of the crime of legalizing the proceeds of crime, " Balog added.

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