The police ended an investigation into the murder of Ernest Valk. She accused two men

Policemen accused of the murder of prominent lawyer Ernest Valko Jozef Radič. In the past he has committed bank robberies in the masks of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Václav Klaus. Another man Jaroslav Klinka accused of a crime of theft.

The police ended the investigation into the murder of lawyer Ernest Valko. Today the director of the National Anti-Infomation Unit, NAKA Branislav Zurian, informed that the connection of the suspects with the underworld had not been confirmed and that it was a tailor-made murder. The motive of the murder was his robbery.

The murderers accused Jozef Radič

Despite the obvious urgency since the start of the investigation, the researcher stopped an investigation on Thursday (16 August) with a motion to lodge charges against two defendants. These are the robbers of Jaroslav Klinka and Jozef Radič.

According to Zurian, both in agreement with the motive for financial gain, they jumped about the conspiracy of Ernest Valko. "They applied fabrics and when Valko came in, he tried to blow out, opened the window as they ran out of space behind the garden house and went into the living room, Valko defended himself actively," says NAKA National Anti-Infamy Unit Director.

Ernest Valka killed on November 8, 2010. Jozef Radič police accused of a particularly serious crime of murder. Jaroslav Klinka accused of a crime of theft.

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