The police intervened after a wild fight with Lunar IX

The police discovered on Friday that another suspect had been arrested in the event of a crash of the 31-year-old Košičana in the neck. This second suspect was hidden on the roof of the apartment complex on the police of Lunik IX. Bitke and the physical attack must be avoided.

The man did not respond to the police request and said that "the bass will not go, but will jump from the roof." "As long as there was reason to fear that the man would make his threats, additional reinforcements, police negotiators and rescue teams were called in. The policemen followed a conversation with the man and, together with his parents, managed to calm him down," said the spokeswoman. of the regional police of Kosice, Jana Mesarova.

In the place of the morning event, about 200 people had gathered. The police officers were forcibly detained and escorted to the police.

"The reasonably suspected Kosicana has already been taken over by a police corps investigator, who deals with health risks and currently performs the necessary procedural steps. No personal injury or damage to property has occurred during the service"added Mésarová.

The first suspect was held Wednesday by the police in Lunik IX, the second was fired for the police. The case involves a physical attack on the 31-year-old Kosice after an earlier fight on Wednesday at Kosice. The perpetrator intended to cause serious injury to the man's health with a knife in his throat and also caused cuts to his ear and hands. In connection with the incident, the police are being prosecuted for crimes of injuries to health and hooliganism.

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