The police president wants to investigate the progress of the police in the event of a battle in Bratislava

Police President Milan Lučanský commissioned police investigations in the event of a young attack in the center of Bratislava with a presidential control. This is what the spokesperson for the presidency of the political ear Michal Slivka said. The incident was reported by TV Markíza in the Saturday Televízní noviny.

"The Criminal Police Office of the Presidium of the Police Corps will also check the procedure for documenting and clarifying the crime procedure, and in case of serious misconduct, the case will be withdrawn for inspection by the Ministry of the Interior, "added Slivka.

The attack would take place in the center of Bratislava in May. The group of attackers would be attacked by a young man on Kollar Square. After the attack he had a broken stem and would have lasting consequences. According to our information, the attackers used the boxer and knives. The police would have recognized one of the attackers, but he is still free.

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