The radio editor-in-chief of RTVS has resigned New time

Head of the radio news department and the current RTVS journalist Petra Stano Maťašovská resigned from office on Monday.

"RTVS Director General Jaroslav Reznik accepted his resignation," informed TASR telecommunication spokesperson Erika Rusnáková.

"I have decided to offer my resignation to the Director-General to protect RTVs in recent days from the unprecedented pressure of some politicians. Although he did not rule the truth at all, but the institutions caused considerable damage to their reputation and shed poor light on the work of their employees, "Stano Maťašovská responded to TASR.

Rejects that it has been broadcast in the news or has been subject to the non-objective processing of information. "It is a nonsense that someone has built up and misused to harm RTVS and discredit me as a person. I did not write about the accused passage, but I decided to take responsibility for it, "she said.

The departure of the head of the radio news was requested by the opposition parties of SaS, OĽaNO, we are a family and non-deputy MPs around Miroslav Beblavý. The opposition advised that otherwise it would consider further political and legal action. It has not excluded the submission of a criminal notification or the convening of an extraordinary parliamentary assembly.

The reason for this was the internal document RTVS with the title Short News – a reminder of the principles that must be followed by editors prepared in Slovakian broadcasting. The opposition has seen the censorship of parties that are not part of the coalition. RTVS answered that some passages of the published text were wrongly formulated, that gave space for their extensive misinterpretation. The disturbing wording of the subject's text was not according to RTVS in accordance with internal procedures and RTVS values ​​for which a warning was given.

P. Stano Maťašovská has carried out radio updates since last October.

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