The renewal of Pradiarne – a national cultural monument starts in the coming weeks

Nowadays, the restoration begins with the cleaning of the outbuildings and the cleaning of the last buildings over it.

Restoration of the largest and most conserved industrial monument in the center
Bratislava after more than two years of design and authorization process
the participation of the Regional Monument Office is nearing completion. In the hands of YIT
Slovakia will become a modern, energy-efficient administrative building
Class "A".

New neighborhood

Work on converting this exceptional building to modern
office space is covered by the architectural studio Bouda Masar a
future tenants can move to a new building
early 2020. This is the first phase of building a new one
residential and administrative district of ZWIRN, which, in addition to the renovated
Pradiarne will also bring a new square.

"At YIT Slovakia we came to this historic building
with a lot of respect and detailed preparation. spinning mill
we consider the heart of ZWIRNA around the world, so we have invited for the project
The most experienced staff of Slovakia, "
explains Milan
Murcko, CEO of YIT Slovakia.

Restoration of the monument

Nowadays the restoration begins with the cleaning of the outbuildings and
by deleting the last objects that later ran over it.
The Pradiarne building will be given a new look in the coming months
with reference to the original form that was presented more than a hundred years ago
architect David Valentin Junk.

Atelier Bouda Masár, who has undergone a reconstruction of other important ones
monument, including the castle of Bratislava, was a historic monument in his project
linking the object and preserving different architectural and historical characteristics.
The predominant characteristic of the Pradiarne 1900 will be and are the original cast iron columns
concrete slabs. You together with the anchor plates on the facade and
the staircase will be renovated under the supervision of the architects and the Regional Monument
Office. Historical references are added to the replicas of the cooling towers at the entrance
in future underground garages.

Healthy work in a healthy building

Besides historical references, Pradiareň 1900 will focus on the latest
ecological and functional trends in the design of office space. to be
Flexibility makes the distribution of offices so that in addition to work tables and
Creative "oases" that stimulate creativity can also arise
Staff members.

High ceilings will allow companies to arrange offices for more
levels and to work with elements of the mezzanine. While standard height
in regular offices is 3 meters, the premises in Pradiarni reach up to
4.8 meters. "Future tenants will be able to afford space
to meet your needs, whether it is on all or part of the floor. at
we will use the latest energy-saving technologies
in line with the results of modern office studies. Thanks
Pradiareň 1900 receives an international BREEAM certificate, "
adds Milan


The first part of the new ZWIRN complex is the apartment complex PARI, of which
the final approval of the building was held in May and the 87 apartments in the autumn of this year will be welcomed
of his new inhabitants. For this reconstruction together with the renovation of the Pradiarne
1900 builds an underground garage and an adjoining square that
will be completed early in 2020 and become the basis for the new
vital district. The form came from the architectural and urban planning
a contest in which 10 renowned designs were presented
architectural studio & # 39; s from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The winning design of the Compass Studio brings a block on a lower floor
construction, with more than 800 flats and semi-enclosed interior spaces.
The first phase of the living area offers 250 apartments with views of the square and
is currently in the process of obtaining the necessary permits. He is coming for sale
in the next year and the planned completion of construction of the first phase is in the year
2021. In that period the construction of other parts is already planned
homes and new commercial buildings in the southern block of the complex.


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