The repair of Šafka collected 400 thousand: this will please the Bratislavanes

New green in the center! After months of adjustments, a revitalized Landerer Park will be opened a few days on Shafarikov Square.

The park, which extends over an area of ​​7000 m², is close to the former footprint and bus stop at Šafárikovo Square. Around these days, the railing is still running, but the barriers will soon be dismantled and the park will be accessible. They built a recreation area where once the house of the famous European prince John Michael Landerer, who reigned after the Second World War and then made public space, was once the home of a well-known European prince, but it was a long time ago.

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The new design of the park was designed by architect Boris Hrban in collaboration with the French architectural firm. "There is a new garden furniture in the park – benches and baskets, lighting and permeable surfaces on the sidewalks," said the spokeswoman of the old city, Nora Gubkova. There was also the ugly asphalt that replaced the carpet with grass. According to Gubk's volume, green grew by 30 percent, with autumn trees being planted in the fall and the Marine fountains being re-launched after many years. "It has been cleaned, it has a new engine room and it is lit up," said Mayor Radovan Števčík. Old Town has invested € 200,000 and added the same amount to OZ Good place. "We open the park on the horizon of a week," Gubkova concluded.

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Who was Landerer (* 1726 – † 1795)

  • an important European princess
  • printers owned by Košice, Bratislava and Pest
  • Mary Terézie was allowed to print all books and documents from the meetings of the Hungarian Council
  • In 1764 he started with the publication of Pressburger Zeitung
  • in 1783 he was promoted to a noble state

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