The SIS expressed concern about the detention of radical Muslims in the Czech Republic

The Slovak information service responded to the detention of Muslims of Slovak origin.

The Slovak Information Service (SIS) called for the detention of radical Muslims from Slovakia on Tuesday, which the Czech authorities secured at the end of the week.

As a general rule, the SIS does not speak publicly for reporting activity, but in view of the increased interest and seriousness of the case of a Slovak citizen who has been arrested in the Czech Republic for suspicion of a terrorist attack, the SIS makes an exception.

"As part of the intelligence work in the field of counterterrorism and the spread of extremism, including violent extremism, the SIS identified the risk behavior of the detained person and his religious radicalization, and actively shared the information obtained in international intelligence services," said he Tuesday. TASR SIS spokesman Branislav Zvara.

Chemicals for the production of bombs

According to him, in this context the SIS also assures the public that it will continue to fulfill its role in the fight against terrorism, which is now one of the keys to securing the security of the Slovak Republic and its citizens.

The Czech police arrested radical Muslims from Slovakia who had chemicals and bombers in the apartment. Islam was adopted by Abdul Rahman three years ago and is the first Muslim fanatic in the Czech Republic, who arrested the police and blamed him for preparing a terrorist attack, informs the news server on 14 September.

Detainee Dominik K. shared a disturbing link on the social network, including the photo, which reads: "This country will be ours! And it will not be possible for everyone!"

Especially at a time when a young man converted to Islam, he was dressed as a soldier at and he greeted himself with a raised index finger, a symbol of devotion to the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS).

The suspicion was confirmed when criminals were inspected in his apartment. According to the Mlada fronta DNES daily, DNES found chemicals and manuals for the production of bombs, how to repair them on a body or car. The man received Islam in 2015 and is a practicing Muslim. However, the police are convinced that they bow to radical Islam and suggested their relationship with the fear that their planned terrorist act will be completed in the name of jihad.

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