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The head of state remains in the election for less than a year, and two of the three government parties clearly have no idea what to do with it. They still have no candidate to send to the presidential palace. Some representatives of the Direction still hope that Minister of Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajčák (nominated Smer) will reassess the decision not to provide. The SNS is quiet. According to her vice-president Jaroslav Paška, they are waiting for whoever will send Smer to the elections. It does not exclude that the parties will cooperate.

The day of the presidential election is not yet known. It would be so
in the spring of the following year. His intention to seek the position of the head of state
14 candidates announced. He is waiting for the SNS and the jelly that is on fire
throws the strongest direction. The party's desk should have this subject
in the first half of September. According to the chairman of the Robert Fico management
they will build their own candidate.

The name Lajcak is mentioned in connection with the possible candidacy for the management
most often. Minister of Labor Jan Richter announced this week
the head of diplomacy is still one of the alternatives. The Lajčák itself already
he has repeatedly indicated that he does not see his future. For the first time in public
said in January of this year in an interview for the truth. "I have respect
to the office of the President of the Slovak Republic. In the same way, I respect everyone who
public or private opinion that I might not be bad
candidate for this position. However, I want to say that clearly and unambiguously
I will not stand up for the president of the SR. I never thought about it, "he said
then Lajčák.

Since then, he has repeated his attitude repeatedly, the last time this week after
the meeting of the government – that is, on the same day that Richter called him
potential candidate. Lajcak speaker Boris Gandel also tells us in writing
replied that the Minister's opinion on this issue had not changed.

Kubiš is considering the candidacy

Some representatives of the Direction still believe in Lajčák & # 39; s opinion
rating. "I hope this would be the best solution," says the deputy
Miroslav Číž, a member of the Presidency. He understands it in his own words
why some followers, including Lajcak, do not transfer the candidacy.

"There are a lot of bizarre applications, so it's not easy.
Responsible people are aware of all the related costs.
Mediacircus, political circus … Even atmosphere, society is enough
significantly divided and rivals are not attacked, "added Ciz
which is dedicated to different options.

"It must be a top politician who knows all the nuances of politics,
is capable of gaining respect abroad and is capable of acting effectively
the roles associated with his mandate. Of course our interest is focused
especially for people in the international sphere, so
In my opinion, Minister Lajčák would also be the most suitable candidate.
The former minister Jan Kubiš is also mentioned. Then the question is
candidates from the ranks of Smer, or other important personalities who would do so
to this post. It is in the search stage, & # 39; said Czy.

Exministrar of Foreign Affairs and diplomat Ján Kubiš his candidacy
does not exclude that the sticker has been rejected by the party. "I can only confirm that so far
I am fully committed to the work of the Special Representative of the UN Secretary – General and the Secretary General
Head of the UN mission in Iraq. Only if my message is finished, what
I assume that in the autumn of this year I will assess the situation and consider the candidacy.
If I were to take the position of president, just like a civilian candidate, "
Kubiš responded to the truth.

The CIS still has time

Not even a CIS candidate is known yet. Andrej Danko, the head of nationalists, would
He liked to see a woman in this position. He did not reveal his name. In this context
often speaks about the ministers of education Martine Luby (nom. SNS) and
agriculture from Gabriele Matecna (SNS). Speaker of the party in the hangout
did not answer the question whether these two names are part of the game of candidacy.

First Vice President of the CPS, Jaroslav Paška, told the Pravda that the questions
Candidates are premature. They wait for who Smer will be the first. "We have
prepared alternatives based on how our coalition will behave
partners and which nominees come from other political parties. But we still have it
time and we do not want our potential candidates that we think we can do
successful, will burden the public. We expect that
indicates in particular the strongest party with which nominee it will go
competition, and then we will try to offer a better alternative,
or we will be looking for a solution for a common approach, "said Paska.
At the same time, he added that if he took the lead, he would wait for him.

The sociologist warns of a strange sticker

Sociologist Pavel Haulík thinks he can do that while he waits for Direction and CIS
having trouble finding a strong adept with a chance of success.
"A foreign candidate is handicapped in his own way because he gets
sticker, and thus as if it only represented the voters of the respective party,
who nominated him. That is why I think there will be no party candidates
lot. The choices are majority, and that is why it is necessary for the second round
the candidate received widescreen support. And this is what the candidate can do
independent or seemingly independent, as a direct party candidate
a sticker, "explained Haulik, noting that even under already reported
the candidates are only a minimum of the party.

Haulík did not want to speculate whether he was a strong candidate
late. "It is clear that these parties have problems to sort out such a man,
who would have the chance to succeed in any case in the sense that they would participate in the elections
nepohorel. And with regard to Direction there is a special, Direction in particular
can not afford a bad result, so he must think well who
to build. Direction has the disadvantage that you can easily group it
voices, even if it is still the strongest political party, "he said

According to him, this is exactly why Lajčák seems to have an opinion
modify. "Tade has not done it since the beginning, every candidate, etc.
very good, would be seen as a candidate for the Direction, no one would have perceived it as
an experienced candidate with a political background and an idea, "he added
Haulík. At the same time, he admits that the management will probably support one
civilian candidates, for example Kubisha, if he decides to stand.
"This is more likely for me than to build my own
candidate, "says a sociologist.

It also awaits OPEN

Most-Hid sent the leader to the party of Béla Bugar. Opposite SaS
Robert Mistrik will support, a non-runner. We are the Boris Kollar family
deputy Milan Krajniak. The parliamentary opposition is still silent in OLYMPIC.
Speaker of the movement Matúš Bystriansky said the procedure in the President
the elections are announced in September.

Haulík estimates that the matovičovci will not come with the party candidate.
"I think OOL will look for a match, but of course
it looks very difficult because it is a group of individuals, and I do not know
to fully propose to you what criteria a candidate party must meet
Olano. I soon expect them to try and tune in with someone
someone who is considered an independent person, the master. But it is possible
even someone else ", the sociologist concluded.

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