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Dog at the vet

Source: TASR

At the next visit to the vet, the owners of the unencapsulated dogs should donate more than ten euros. This is because the new maximum amount that a veterinarian needs to chew.

This follows from the amendment to the Veterinary Care Act, which will apply from 1 September. On this basis, the veterinarian can not treat the unprotected dog. Exceptions are only necessary cases for the protection of health and people.

According to veterinarians, pet owners do not have to worry about chips. "Chipping is not painful than a regular subcutaneous injection," Dr said. Silvia Štefáková, president of the chamber of veterinarians in the Czech Republic, for 20 to 30 minutes. For owners in material need or for the beneficiaries of a minimum pension, the state will pay the repression costs.

If a dog born before 31 August does not need treatment, it is sufficient to chew on October 31, 2019. However, this does not apply if such a dog is placed on the market, the owner changes or is placed in a quarantine station or an animal shelter. In the event of a change of the owner, the original owner of the dog must report the change as well as the information about the new owner within 21 days via a veterinarian. It is also supposed to continue with the death of the dog.

The chip must also have a pregnant bitch. In the case of a planned breeding, the owner must register it before it is admitted immediately in case of unplanned pregnancy. Otherwise, dogs born after August 31 must be betrayed by the owners within 12 weeks of their birth. The owner of the dog, who must crack according to the law and who is not, is subject to a fine of 50 euros.


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