The tax cobra revealed fraud for nearly 100 million euros last year

According to a spokesperson for the Prosecutor General's Office, the findings of the effectiveness of tax inspections have been proven.

The tax cambra revealed fraud in the total amount of EUR 97,178,496.63 in 2017, of which the unpaid overpayment of value added tax (VAT) amounted to EUR 5,640,895.66. TASR confirmed the spokesman for the General Prosecutor (GP) Andrea Predajňová, with the expected amount of EUR 78.4 million and the excessive VAT deduction of EUR 4 913 427.97.

"The results of the tax cobra's present its dignity and high efficiency and success in the event, achieving up to 87.17% efficiency in tax audits," added Predajňová.

It has been working for nine years

The spokeswoman reminds that Tax Cobra, which helps to combat tax fraud, is the result of the cooperation of representatives of the general practitioner, the police and the financial administration of the Slovak Republic.

The project was, according to her words, intensified after the inauguration of the Attorney General Jaromír Čižnár. When he took office in 2013, he stated that it was inadmissible that the state was worth hundreds of millions of euros, and those who would pay the taxes were imprisoned.

Fraud has been detected since the creation of the tax cobra (1.1.2012) until the end of December 2017, which amounts to a total of 807 631 282.96 EUR. Of which the unpaid VAT surplus was deducted for an amount of 82 372 425.17 EUR.

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