The teacher's initiative calls on Luby to keep the revisions of the directors in the new law

According to ISU, the new law makes little change to make the profession more attractive.

28. Aug. 2018 at 11:20 am TASR

BRATISLAVA. It is absurd if the Ministry of Education on the one hand presents the Finnish model as the starting point of its development strategy for education and on the other hand is preparing a new law on pedagogical and professional staff to elicit exactly what should lead to this model of democracy in schools .

In his opinion, this is explained by the Slovak teachers' initiative (ISU), which TASR has provided by Vladimír Crmoman.

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The ministry claims that it has no noticeable value

The ISU asks Martinina Luby (the CBS nominee) Minister of Education, Science, Research and Sport to keep the review of the directors in the new law.

"For the improvement of the climate in schools it is necessary for practice to show how the teachers of their superiors really perceive and many directors will finally be able to show their founders, school councils and the public their strong support and their work gets a reddish moral appreciation, not helping the climate, helping schools to improve the environment in which we raise our children, "says ISU.

The Education Council of the TASR stated that at the request of various commentators it would delete the provision on the evaluation of school heads.

The reason for this was that such an anonymous evaluation was not of a nominal value, but was carried out twice, since the director re-evaluates the school board, the founder and the inspection in carrying out the control activity.

Increase the competencies of the maker

"They also pointed out that this would be a formal issue because the personnel review officer's questionnaire is being processed by the employee representative and will be discussed with the director and the founder," said the Ministry of Communications and the Ministry of Education.

It was also a promise that, from the point of view of management management, it is not decisive whether the majority of employees like or dislike the director, but the results of the school or school facility must be decisive.

"Therefore, the skill of the maker must be increased to have management tools because the founder has set up a school or school to provide education and training of a reasonable quality," said the ministry.

It does not help to make the profession more attractive

According to the ISU, the new law offers relatively few changes aimed at making the profession of teacher more attractive and changing schools in modern open institutions.

One of the points suggested by the ministry regarded the ISU as very positive.

"The urge to democracy brings not only a proposal to evaluate the leaders of teachers, but also to evaluate the recipes of teachers, and this evaluation model is a real innovation and ensures transparency, openness and openness to many of the schools", ISU said.

Therefore, it does not assume that the education sector wants to delete the amendment.

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