The terrible fall of a girl (10) in the Tatra Mountains: a lie in the climbing frame!

The accident happened Thursday evening in the climbing stick in Tatranská Kotlina. During the crash, a 10-year-old girl fell from a height of about 10 meters. "After the physician arrived at the injured girl in the designated area, she was dropped by cable technique.The small patient suffered a head injury, she did not remember the circumstances of the fall," Zuzana Hopjaková from the ATE Poprad Air Force Service told us.

The small climber also suffered injuries to the spine and lower extremity. The doctor and the rescuers immediately treated her and took the ambulance to the helicopter. "After she was taken away, the girl was in a stabilized state with a concussion and other injuries through the air to a hospital in poprad," Hopjak added.


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