There was electricity on the roof of the block, he died

A tragic event happened on Wednesday afternoon in Sobrancia.

Sobrance. The helicopter intervened in an extraordinary event in Sobrancia, rescuers went to help a 57-year-old man on the roof of the block.

"The crew of the aircraft from Kosice flew to help a man who collapsed on the roof of a residential building in Sobrancia.According to the first information, a man should have an electric current," said Zuzana Hopjaková, spokeswoman for Helicopter Helicopter Air. -Transport Europe.

Firefighters came on the spot and managed to get the man on the ground. The recovery continued.

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"The call of the Redeemer immediately began to inspire him." The aviation rescue doctor continued extensive resuscitation, but despite great efforts, the patient failed to restore essential vital functions and the doctor had to discover death. "

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