There were 3 juveniles from the children's home and the crisis center

After three missing police, she announced a search.

The police have today asked people to help find three missing teenagers. There are two young men who were placed in a court in a children's home in Seredi and a girl who left the Ester Crisis Center in Hlohovec.

Dominika Toracova

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"The 16-year-old Dominica Toracova is missing on Sunday, August 26, 2018. Last time her mother saw her in the crisis center at 11.00 am By ten o'clock she would return to the facility where she did not arrive.

Dominic is 165 cm long, thin, with long black hair on the shoulders, dark brown eyes. The description of the clothes is not known to the police, "said spokeswoman Mária Linkešová of the regional police today

He is running fast

Giacomo Rigó

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Another looking is the 17-year-old Giacomo Rigó from Sopron. He placed that court in a children's home in Seredi on November 21, 2016.

"Monday, around 8 p.m., he left the house of his house and did not give himself a message.Giacomo has black short hair.It has a striking, quick walk.On his departure he must wear a white shirt, a tracksuit and white boots. Nike, he wore a white cap on his head, "added the spokeswoman for the police.

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And his companion also went

David Torac

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She also said that yesterday, August 30, from his children's home in Seredi, and his peers, the 17-year-old David Torac from the district of Hlohovec, had left. "The missing man was placed at home at the beginning of January 2016. The young man was last seen at 10.30 am David is 178 cm tall, full of character, with blue eyes and black short hair He wore a white T-shirt, a pants, white boots, Nike, & # 39; said Linke.

The police are now asking the public: "If you know the missing persons and you know where their current residence is, you can request all the information you can find at the police gate 158."

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