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Behind the exhibition is the Black Divers Association, which maps industrial monuments in Slovak cities and villages and makes them popular.

Sep 5 2018 at 15:38 SITA

Trnava. Exhibitions of industrial monuments from different Slovak cities opened in the space of contemporary culture of the courts in Trnava. More than seventy graphs capture the architecture of Trnava, Piestany, Bratislava and other cities and towns.

The exhibition was prepared by fans of the Association of Black Holes, who gradually chart and popularize the industrial heritage of Slovakia and other, often forgotten places. Some of the graphs were shown for the first time in the building of the Council of the European Union in Brussels.

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Among the dozens of authors are many respected house artists such as Daniela Olejníková, Lucia Tallová, Alexandra Barth and others. Many of the dying monuments come to life based on their graphics. These are made in limited editions on a special Risomat printer, which colors colors and errors of colors.

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Almost all exhibited works have already been sold out, sales proceeds have been spent on Black Holes for further support of industrial sites. The exhibition in Trnava lasts until mid-October. The exhibition was announced by the director Nádvorj Dušan Vančo.

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