They showed how extremely dry the water of Gabčíkovo is

On the Danube, new levels of water fall are falling in the heat of August. From Hungary, only on Thursday, they reported such historical data in three places. The same applies to the Slovak part

Behind Bratislava the river of the river Gabčíkovo is fed from the old river Danube. Under the stage with sea chambers and power plant, there is now an extremely low water level that the coasts are almost completely exposed.

The landowners have shown what the situation is in the middle of a channel where small islands are thrown out of the soil:

The drought revealed the bombs in the river

Recorded low levels of the Danube included in Ercsi in the province of Fejer, 49 kilometers south of Budapest, further south to Dunaföldvár and Dunaújváros.

From Wednesday to Thursday, the level dropped by another two centimeters. In the central part of the river the water quality has an influence on the high temperature and low flow, so it can happen. that water will have a shortage of oxygen.

The low level of the river limits the trip considerably, but also in the Komarom-ostrihom district it also works pyrotechnically. Since the beginning of August there have been several bombs and other ammunition in the villages Nyergesújfalu and Dunaalmas, but also in Komárom, in the Danube.

Murder of John Kuciak

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