THIS thinks of Orban's support for foreign Hungarians!

In an interview for the Saturday edition of the Hungarian left-wing daily Népszava, the chairman of the Most-Hid Party, Béla Bugár, said that the Orbánov cabinet spreads money in Slovakia Hungarian taxpayers on theirs "Vassal".

Bugar told in an interview in which he explains the reasons for his candidacy for the presidential election, about his relationship with the current Hungarian government, which rejects his party because it is not entirely Hungarian. "I will answer my constituents and not the Hungarian government," noted that he lives in Slovakia, there is also tax, and therefore the improvement of the situation of the Hungarian minority is expected by the Slovak government.

The Bridge of Most-HID Party at the Saffron Hotel in Bratislava

The Bridge of Most-HID Party at the Saffron Hotel in Bratislava


He admitted that no contacts had yet been made between Most-Hid and the Hungarian cabinet. He added, however, that his party ministers had already met with Hungarian partners. But the Hungarian side has asked them to keep it a secret, because it is from an internal political point of view "Uncomfortable".

"Of course we have not accepted it of course." said Bugar, who recently personally invited him to give a speech at the October conference in Budapest on the budget of the European Union. On the question of the active role of the Hungarian government in the economic development of Hungarians in neighboring countries, Mostu-Hid said that financial aid Orban "unilateral for certain circles that are vassals". In his words, it is an unnecessary money-shuffling.

"From the beginning we explained to them that this could be done differently – to combine the funds we will provide for Southern Slovakia with the money that Budapest is planning to provide, and on the basis of transparent criteria we will decide what we're going to save, do not know where this money is gone, " Bugar said.


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