Tragická nehoda u Nitra, zabil Alexej († 20)

The collision of two cars near Nitra required the life of a young driver of a passenger car Alexey († 20), who did not prefer the passenger car at the intersection.

Around half past eight in the cadastral village of Čeľadice (Nitra district), the young driver Alexei did not have any priority at the wheel of the Peugeot 406 on the passenger car VW Passat, which was driving along the main road. Alexej S. († 20) suffered serious injuries that he suffered during the transfer to the hospital. The accident was easily injured by two co-pilots of the Peugeot.

After the collision of two Open the gallery

In case of injuries, the hospital rescuers and the driver (33) VW Passat, whose breath test for alcohol was negative, were transferred to the wounds. Every alcohol use will be discovered in the case of a poor driver at an autopsy. The police started with criminal charges for murder, said Bozena Bruchter, spokeswoman for the province for the region.

"It is because the young man died very sad." In our village the family moved about a year ago to rent a flat, I did not know them very much ", said Mrs. Čeľadice.

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