Train accident with landing gear. New time

At the railway junction in the Žilina district, a site with a freight train ran on Thursday. The car fell, the driver missed the lifeguards.

The precipitation took place on Thursday morning at the level crossing in the village Kľače (district Žilina). Roman driver (41) behind the wheel of Nissan, who was on his way to a nearby village, missed the incoming train and stumbled into his side.

The car threw the car away. The driver with the wounded head dragged the rescuers away. In the collision, the co-driver was easily injured. "Traffic was inevitable," said Ivan Popluhárová from Železnice.

"The driver said the sun had destroyed him,"said a man from Kľač village, where the accident happened." He was very lucky … If he went a few seconds before, it could end differently, much more seriously, "the man added.

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