TV JOJ launches 7th series Shou My Mama cooks better than yours

BRATISLAVA, August 19 ( – TV JOJ introduces the premiere part of the 7th series culinary show Moja mama varí better than you on Monday. The task of the participants is to cook the best food this time and defeat the opponents this time.

Only couples can log in

Only couples who connect certain family ties – parent and child, marriage and bride, baptized mother and baptized daughter, etc. – can take part in the show.

The point of the session is that only children can cook, their older fellow boys only have a verbal help. After revealing the secret ingredient, he cooks one of the ten recipes he has sent to the makers when they have signed up for it.

The winning pair will eventually fight against further leagues in addition to the financial prize.

Trinity of specialists

Participants will always be judged by one of the three specialists – Zuzana Sabolová, Martin Korbelič and Marek Ort and the moderator's program will be covered again by Milan "Junior" Zimnýkoval.

One of the most famous faces from my current series My Mother is better than yours: Dávid and Vilo Habovci or the two Ivan Rusin and František Sedlák, who stayed in the 90th part of the show. "We are curious about what our competitors will surprise us for this time and if someone wants to beat our recorders," said JOJ Group spokeswoman Lucia Kulihová.

The television plans to broadcast every working day at 5:55 PM the whole fall.

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