Two Liptans died in the Tatra tragedy

A few climbers fell from the dragon shield in the High Tatras

LIPTOV. Two climbers, members of the Slovak climbing club James, did not come back from the climb to the dragon shield last night. A young twenty-year-old gymnast, Juraj from Liptovský Mikuláš, and forty-one-year-old Roman from Liptovský Hrádok. They were together with the climbing team on the Poprad ball

The rescue workers immediately after they told them that the couple did not come back from the turn in the evening looking for Zlomiskova dolina to the Dragon Shield. Their bodies were found under the southern wall of the dragon shield.

"Both members were incompatible with life due to a fall from the height of the injury In the early morning hours, the Interior Ministry was asked to cooperate, to take a helicopter in Star Smokovec aboard a rescue helicopter in the mountains and on the road to a disaster The climbers' bodies have been transported by plane to a heliport in Starom Smokovec after they have been rescued from hard-to-reach terrain and handed over to the police, "the mountain helpers told their site.

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